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Les Toits Vertige’s expertise is based on German principles and technologies. A world leader in green roofing since the '80s, Germany has more than 13 million square meters (145 million sq. ft.) of green roofs accross its territory. These results were facilitated by the implementation of programs and policies, and with documentation that our company has adopted as a basis for its quality standards.

One of them, the FLL "Guide Line" is a publication standardizing the implementation of green roofs. Our projects'design is largely based on this manual's principles. It covers all aspects of green roofs and is recognised as one of the references in our field of work.

For ethical purposes, we strive to offer the products best suited to the meteorological conditions in Quebec. To this end, all ranges of green roofs are tested for a year before we offer them to our clients or install them. This is how we make sure to offer products that iare adapted to our harsh winters. In addition, all of our projects and installations have manufacturing guarantees for up to 20 years. Our clients get the best quality level of installation on the market.
Certified installer
Toits Vertige® is certified to install the technologies listed in our "Products" section. As a certified installer of these technologies, we can provide the manufacturer's guarantees on these products, since they are installed according to the manufacturers' standards.
Forschungsgesellschaft Landschaftsentwicklung Landschaftsbau - German Landscape Research, Development and Construction Society